Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Best Android Keyboard

I have used a wide range of different keyboards over the past year or so, and have had my fair share of really good ones and really bad ones. Even ones that seem good at first, don't turn out to be in the end, they will start to crash or lag, and it just isn't good enough! I have finally come across a keyboard that I am happy with called Jelly Bean Keyboard, and it is based on the stock firmware of 4.1 Jelly Bean. The predictive text works fantastically, and the auto correct function works just as well! I especially like the plugin which you can download to enable emoji within the keyboard. Emoji is the cool smileys and symbols which can be sent and received between iphones and some android devices, I use them all the time. Apparently the internet permission is used to display ads, although in all my time in using it I have never had one which seems strange (not that i'm complaining) May be worth buying the pro version of it if you like it, as it enables you to use themes, change the key text size, font packs etc...  I am seriously considering buying the Pro version after having the Jelly Bean keyboard for over a month or so. See screenshots below!

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