Top 10 Most Useful Apps

1. Music Folder Player Free

This has everything that I believe you need out of a music player, and is very simple. You sort your tunes out into folders on your memory card and it automatically picks the folders up. The folders have an auto-resume feature which works fantastically! The equalizer is also very good and you can change it to what you think sounds best for your phone.

2. Profile Scheduler
Profile scheduler takes you back to the old days of phones whereby you could set profiles such as Normal, Silent, Night etc.. But with a twist! As before, you can edit the profile volumes, vibration, and network connection modes. However you can automatically set it to change to a specific profile depending on your GPS location! For example if you are at home it will be on 'Normal' and when you go to work it would change to 'Silent'. On my phone I have set it so that it turns onto 'Night' Profile after 12:00am, which puts my phone on aeroplane mode.

3. Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
This alarm app is one of the best and most reliable alarms you can have on your phone, I have had it for over a year now and have been very happy with it, and had no bugs like in other alarm applications. What I particularly like about it is how you can choose your own music, and use volume crescendo, which is where the alarm starts off quietly and gradually gets louder.

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4. TubeMate 

TubeMate is a fantastic application which allows you to download YouTube videos! Please only use this for legal video downloads of which you own the rights to, or have permission to download. The videos are easily accessible within the applications download folder, and can be downloaded in many resolutions. As this was previously removed from Google play store it has to be installed unofficially.

To Install the application download the 'tubemate.apk' file from the link above, then transfer the file to your phones memory. Then on your phone navigate to Settings>> Security>> Unknown sources and make sure that Unknown sources is ticked. Then use a file manager on your phone to locate the 'tubemate.apk' file and tap it to install. If your phone doesn't have a file manager then download this from Google Play: Click here 

5. WhatsApp Messenger

This Messing application is one of the most popular messaging apps for multi platform devices, so can be used on Android, iphones, and Blackberry devices. I currently use this for messaging my friends who don't have any credit, as it is completely free to use (for the first year anyway). This also wont use up your mobile internet as it hardly uses any data whatsoever, which is surprising when it is one of the apps I use the most. If you are in a remote area without a signal for your mobile device, then you would be able to use your wireless internet connection to message your friends using this app.

6. Rain Alarm

Rain alarm is exactly what it says an alarm that will go off and warn you that it will be raining soon. This is a very useful app and I have found it to be extremely accurate, you can even view a feed showing the direction that the rain is moving towards on a map.

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7. Soundhound

Soundhound identifies any song that's on your TV, radio, or any other sound system, but unlike the other music recognition apps it can also work out songs from you humming it or singing it yourself. It does recognise most songs, however it sometimes struggles with recently released songs for at least the first 2 weeks before they are added to the system. But overall it works great and is a definite download!

8. ColorNote Notepad

So its a notepad whats different? you may ask, well I learnt from my previous phone when I had to restore it to factory settings due to a fault and I lost all my important notes! ColorNote can be linked to your Google account, automatically backing up your notes online, so if anything ever went wrong with your phone then you would just log back in, and your notes would all be there.

9. TrustGo Ad Detector

This detects any applications that may display ads on your phone or are posing a risk to your privacy, and unlike an antivirus it doesn't consume battery. I have found this very useful for getting rid of apps that were pushing ads onto my task bar!

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10. App of the Day
Right this one isn't so much useful, but I do believe it could provide a way to gain some useful apps which are normally paid apps. I haven't provided any paid apps in my list above as I want all of the apps I listed to be available to anyone who wants them. I have however found this useful for getting some quality paid apps for free, and hope it will provide you with the same!

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