Nova Launcher

Ok so here is a review of the best and most reliable replacement launcher that I have come across, I have used it for over 6 months and have been very pleased with the interface and overall customisation of the launcher. See the below screenshots :)

The in-app drawer unfortunately does not allow folders as in some launchers but this is available in the paid version. The desktop however does allow folders and I have organised my applications accordingly, this keeps your phones apps neat and tidy and easily accessible which is what everyone wants. The dock bar at the bottom with Go launcher icons (click here to download icon pack) is scroll-able meaning you are able to swipe across to more icons.

Anything that you want to change in the launcher pretty much can be changed, and the desktop features allow you to easily add apps, widgets, shortcuts etc.. to your phones desktop. All widgets can be re-sized which some launchers don't allow and this proves useful if you have a lot of widgets on the same desktop. 

It can be entirely customised by you, and animations (which affect battery life) can make your phones interface fun and effective at giving out the "Wow" factor! Some features such as hiding apps in the app drawer, unread counts and gestures are only available in the paid version. Personally none of these features interest me, as the basic features are quite satisfactory, but it offers you the option to get them which is surely a good thing!

I thought I had best give you an insight into this review since I mentioned about publishing this page in a post recently. It is not completely finished and I will be adding to it over the next few days, I have just been too busy recently lol :p

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